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Kerr 0518 wide mouth mason jar pint, 16oz(case of 12) ####edward brown

Posted on : September 21, 2013 | 10 Comments

00518 Features: -Canning jar.-Replacement lids 88 (3112-3052) and caps 87 (3112-3060).-Wide mouth.-Clear glass.-Capacity: 1 Pint. Includes: -Rings and caps are included.-Caps and lids are included. Dimensions: -3.4” H x 4.8” W x 3.4” D, 7.1 lbs.

Product Details

  • Brand: Jarden
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 4.80″ h x 3.40″ w x 3.40″ l, .67 pounds


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  • 070610005184
  • Brand New Item / Unopened Product
  • Loew-Cornell
Price: $18.61 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
Category : Cookware
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10 Comments on “Kerr 0518 wide mouth mason jar pint, 16oz(case of 12) ####edward brown
  • [user#computer-girl jars?

    I use these jars to store food in the refrigerator and the freezer. Lately, I have used the plastic tops with them (this does NOT provide an airtight seal, but is adequate for my use). The newer plastic tops no longer contain BPA.

    I have not had any of these jars to crack or fail on me.

    The wide mouth allows for easier access to the product inside and it is easier to clean as well. You can put your hand inside the jar easily.

    Dimensions are 5-3/4wide.

  • I got these jars to make my own catfood and then portion it up and freeze it. I haven’t done that yet, but I have been using the jars quite a lot. They are very handy for putting stuff in, especially beverages. I like to put some ice tea in one and then take it with me in my boyfriend’s car. He has two cupholders in between the front seats and the larger one fits these jars perfectly. They are very easy to clean compared to a sports bottle or a thermos and I feel a lot better about drinking out of them than I do about drinking out of plastic (tastes better, too!) They are also a great size for storing herbs in. I will probably have to order another dozen when I actually make that catfood.

  • they came exactly as described and in perfect condition. i used these to make cake in a jar to ship to my husband overseas. thanks for the great product!

  • Kerr jars are my favorite, because they only have one embossed logo on the side, leaving plenty of room for a label on the other sides of the jar. (Ball jars, on the other hand, are embossed with logos and patterns on all sides.) That’s the only big difference to me.

    I wish I could find Kerr jars locally in Atlanta, since it seems crazy to have utilitarian canning jars shipped … but the price here isn’t high enough as to be prohibitive. Usually, I wouldn’t go to so much trouble as to order jars online, but I’ll be giving these jars, filled with honey, as gifts, and being able to attached a label smoothly is important to me.

    Shipping was prompt, and the jars were packed well.

  • I always keep a spare case of these jars in the basement. We use them as our drinking glasses because they are durable, glass, and the wide mouth makes them safer to clean. With the lid, they double for other uses: drink shakers; storage for leftovers; packing lunches, and canning. During Christmas, they are great to put homemade mixes in with a piece of holly fabric on the top to give as gifts.

    Many people don’t like using plastic to store food,so these work well as replacements for plastic containers. To use for packing lunches, make sure and find some type of packing to put around them to protect them from breakage. (One idea: cut a solid piece of Styrofoam the size of the bottom of your lunch container and then cut out holes the size of the bottom of the jar into the styrofoam at least an inch apart. Then the jars should fit inside without moving around)

  • I was really happy when the jars arrived. It was just like I expected. I use them as drinking glasses and for coffee and tea. I couldn’t get them in the stores anymore so I was happy to find them here. Thanks

  • Not a whole lot to say about these – they’re canning jars just like mom used. Shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition. We put them to canning use within days and the lids and rings held perfectly but I figured they would since they were in such perfect condition upon arriving. No chips, chinks or dings.

  • Exactly what I was looking for. Love the size and find wide mouth opening perfect for all my spices. Not to mention, the air tight seal keeps it very fresh. I will have to say that the price is outrageous at Amazon. I bought mine from Walmart today and it was only $9. I expect more from Amazon when it comes to pricing.

  • I still do a lot of canning and you just can’t go wrong with Kerr wide mouth canning jars. I like buying in case lots, the price is fair and delivery was pretty quick.

  • We just received these jars about a month ago so I cannot comment on longevity, but the size is great for what we need and as of now the lids have not rusted at all, which seems to happen all the time with peanut butter jar lids. Highly recommend this product, so far!

    Update 6/13/13: These jars are holding up well. The lids also fit on the 1/2 pint wide mouth jars. Would buy again.

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