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Yama Glass Chinese Water Kettle (40 oz) ####timothy bright

Posted on : September 30, 2013 | 10 Comments

The temperature of the water can be determined by the size of the air bubbles. It is stove top safe (medium high heat) and dishwasher safe. A wire grid is included for electric elements and not necessary for glass or solid cook tops or gas heat. The stylish handle is made of wood.

Product Details

  • Brand: EspressoParts
  • Model: YAMT17
  • Dimensions: 5.50″ h x 4.50″ w x 7.75″ l, 1.55 pounds


  • Stove top safe
  • For Chinese tea ceremony
  • Taiwan made by Yama Glass
  • Affordable
  • Capacity 40-ounce
Price: $23.99 & eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.
Category : Cookware
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10 Comments on “Yama Glass Chinese Water Kettle (40 oz) ####timothy bright
  • I was looking for a cute, inexpensive teapot that would simply heat water and look pretty sitting on the stove. This fit the bill. I love it. Its on the thin side so you have to use a care when washing to make sure it doesn’t bang against the sink but other than that it’s great. Sometimes I just pop a few bags in it and make a large pot of tea. Because it has a wide enough opening to get your hand in to clean it out… its more versatile then a whistle version and I like that I can see the water!

  • A few other reviewers mentioned that the color of the handle in the photo is not accurate and that should be noted. The version I got had a red handle and matching accent on the top. However, it still looks great and for the price, it is a great buy.

    The pot is big enough to brew 4-5 smaller cups of tea, but I usually get around 3 good size portions of tea out of it.

    The spout has a great drip feature that doesn’t let that last drop fall off and since it’s glass, it will never rust and you can easily see how clean it is (and keep it that way).

    Bottom line: Highly recommended, but, keep in mind the color accents may not be as shown.

  • It lasted me a few months without breaking under the strain of 2 or 3 pots of tea a day and frequent washings.
    It’s lovelier than most glass kettles (which are my preference), but the handle wasn’t practical–it often bent in either direction with a jolt when I picked it up and went to pour the water, so I’d have to be sure to have a towel ready incase my hand got in the way when trying to right it.

    When the water boils the glass top starts bouncing. I sometimes wouldn’t hear the noise long past the point of boiling and other times would instinctively make a grab to stop the fragile top from bouncing. If you take off the glass top you have no way to pour it without the steam burning the crap out of your hand. So it made sense to hold the top down with a towel while I poured, which also prevented the top from falling out when I tried to pour out the last bit of water. Between the handle and the lid this kettle always felt precarious. Safely pouring tea from it was a careful process. Not all too difficult, but it often required more patience and mindfulness than I had if I was in a rush, packing tea to take with me for the day.

    The glass was particularly thin and one day, after a little bump while cooking, it burst. Tiny pieces everywhere. I didn’t regret the buy but I went back to purchase my former kettle, which lasted me 2 years, never burned me, is much cheaper, has a larger volume, and immediately alerts me with a whistle when ready:
    Medelco 12-Cup Glass Stovetop Whistling Kettle

  • This is a great tea kettle if you drink white/green tea! You can see the water right before it boils. The handle and topper are red not grey like in the picture, but it still looks and works great.

  • This is a nice little kettle. It’s a good size, and looks good sitting on the stove. I freaked out a bit when I got it in the mail because the picture on the box showed a tacky sailboat on the front of the kettle. Thankfully the sailboat wasn’t actually on there. The handle of the kettle is kind of a cherry wood color, not gray, as shown on Amazon, so if you’re keen on the gray color, be careful. So far it’s been good to me. My boyfriend and I drink lots of tea and this little guy is holding up well.

  • I have bought a few different glass kettles for boiling water. This one is the best by far. Its perfect. I love the way it looks. The workmanship is impressive. The glass is quite perfect. The top part of the handle is made of a red wood wich gives it a nice oriental look. This is an awesome tea kettle. It pours flawlessly wich is obviously very important and sometimes doesn’t get attention in reviews. I use it multiple times a day. I’m getting another one just so I have a backup in case I ever break it. Highly recommended

  • this was an inexpensive tea kettle. I wanted glass because I don’t want enamel or metal into my tea anymore. But alas, you get what you pay for. The little knob on the lid came off, and be very careful when pouring. If you’ve go more than half a mug worth of water in the kettle, it sputters and splashes.

  • This is a lovely little tea kettle! I’ve used it for a few months now and still love it! The handle is a nice deep red color (looks to be wood) which folds over to one side if needed. I have an electric stove and it comes with a zig-zag shaped wire to put between the burner and the kettle. I only turn it up to the spot between med hi and hi on the stove, never on full hi. When the bubbles roll up to the top and shake the glass lid to make a clinking noise, I know it’s ready. I don’t think it takes too long heat up. I can get two to three regular size cups out of it. It pours really nice. Just can’t fill it to the top because water bubbles out the spout onto the stove…and have to hold the lid down so it wont fall off when pouring out the last bit of water. But i find those things aren’t really an issue.

  • So I hear most people have been getting red handles. Mine is a natural wood color, along with the knob. I’m brewing my first cup of white tea with this kettle right now!

    Great kettle, it doesn’t have a single anti-tea-leaves feature, so expect tea leaves in your cup. I’m going to have to invest in a cheesecloth or infuser for my tea…

  • This turned out to be a terrible purchase… the pot totally burns your hand everytime you pour boiling water into a cup because of the steam escaping through the lid area.. so you have to place a pot holder over the lid with one hand while you try not to burn that hand … and hold the handle of the pot with the other hand and try to pour all at the same time… this pot doesn’t even warrant one star in my opinion..

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